Kelly McCahon

Kelly McCahon

  • Cell: 617-894-0695
  • Office Location: 22 Pearl St Suite 4, Cambridge MA 02139

About Kelly McCahon | A licensed real estate agent since 2003, Kelly loves what she does even today. From helping numerous people with their home purchasing and selling decisions, to buying and selling multiple properties on her own, Kelly is always trying to learn more about real estate  and is grateful to have the opportunity to help others at the same time.

Kelly first got into real estate after she used a real estate agent to help buy her first property.  She wasn’t thrilled with the brief transactional nature of purchasing a home and decided she wanted to bring a bit more care and detail to the process. A customer shouldn’t feel like they can do just as good of a job as their real estate agent! Kelly felt that she could bring more to the table since she really cares about looking at as many houses as possible, while doing due diligence and fearlessly advocating for her client, no matter what the reaction from the other side.  Kelly still loves to attend seminars, classes, and conferences just for the opportunity to grow in her career.

Growing up with two grandparents in the Navy, Kelly was surrounded early on to a culture of self-discipline and taking pride in one’s work and being.  Before real estate, Kelly was one of two people in charge of all night projects and vendor work at Verizon Wireless in Boston.

On the side, you can find Kelly in her garage with her trusty table saw doing home improvement projects, landscaping her own yard and creating custom gardening beds, or you might run into her on a sunny Saturday trail running or leading hikes for the Blue Hills Hiking Club.