Johnson Nguyen

Johnson Nguyen

  • Cell: 617-396-1748
  • Office Location: 22 Pearl St Suite 4, Cambridge MA 02138

About Johnson Nguyen

Care, Planning, and Performance are the three pillars of real estate for Johnson.

Care is about taking care of his clients.  From sitting down for an hour in a living room discussing with homebuyers whether a particular house is the right home to live a decade of life in, to helping investors figure out cash-on-cash returns and ROI on their investments properties, Johnson finds deep satisfaction in helping people with everything they need in order to buy or sell their homes.

Planning is about the systematic execution of a client’s goal whether it’s buying, selling, or renting a home.  One of Johnson’s favorite aspects of real estate is the understanding and implementing of marketing strategies to best position a client’s home.  It begins with in-depth project management planning and ends with the performance and due diligence of being at all the open houses, reading every prospective buyer, meticulously following up, and the continuous networking with realtors and local vendors to always be on top of the current bidding wars and negotiation dynamics.

Performance is about…

Growing up the son of a mason, Johnson spent his summers as a teenager mixing mortar for his dad and helping with repointing and foundation jobs.  He reignited his love and passion for real estate by constantly shopping for investment properties.  His first investment, a rental property, is still his fondest memory that inspired him to move on from a career in marketing to a realtor full time so he could spend each day helping others buy or sell their homes.